Course Rules
  • Do not move the targets
  • Shoot only at the targets that are set up for the course
  • Please do not leave any trash on the course, if you take something with you on to the course make sure you bring it back with you
  • NO BROAD-HEADS. Use field tips only
There is a practice area set up in the field behind the 25 yd rifle range. The course begins right next to the practice area, and winds through the woods on the west side of the club property. There are stations set up, station 1 begins in the field, when you get to the last  station, you will turn around and walk back through the woods. There is parking at the practice area or at the 25 yd range.

Yardages listed below are the maximum for each stake.
•   White – 15 yards
•   Red – 20 yards   
•   Green – 30 yards
•   Blue – 40 Yards   

Helpful hints:
•  Take insect repellent.
•  Use the restroom before you head out, there are not any on the course.

Any suggestions or tips for the course are certainly welcome. If you
encounter any problems with the course, such as downed trees or other obstructions to the targets please contact a Board Member.
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Station 8
Station 7
Station 2
Station 3
Station 4
Station 6
Station 5

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